Annoucing A Sequester Special Discount: Helping Government Contractors Staff During Budget Cuts

Sequester Special

As the Sequester and resulting federal budget cuts continue, they are hurting the bottom line for Federal contractors of all sizes. What does this mean for contractors who’s staffing needs are still a reality? Human resources and recruiting are often some of the first areas to suffer when budgets are being cut back, leaving contractors with few resources to find qualified candidates for their open positions. is already a low cost option for contractors to search for talent with specific Federal experience, but in light of the strain currently put on many companies, we are offering 50% off all job postings through September 1, making a posting under $100 for 30 days of targeted viewing. is continually committed to aiding the Government contracting community, and this is one way we can achieve that. We are dedicated to the idea of keeping valuable federal experience working for the federal government through contracting.

Cashing in on the Cuts

To receive the discount, Employers simply need to email and we will get you set up with an account. The discount will show up in your cart on checkout. operates on a credit based system. Employer purchase credits, which never expire, and can use them whenever they have a need by logging into their account and redeeming them via a job post or database search.


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